7 Reasons to Date a Guy without a College Degree ...


Have you ever thought that you would never date a guy without a college degree? Some of the most successful businessmen never went to college, and they've still done very well for themselves. Some think that getting practical experience will serve you better than spending years building up debts at college. Here are some great reasons to date a guy without a college degree …

1. Qualifications Don't Equal Intelligence

One reason why it's fine to date a guy without a college degree is that qualifications don't mean the same thing as intelligence. People who haven't had the chance to go to college (or chose not to) are every bit as smart as those who did. Some may even be smarter. Studying at college gives you qualifications, but much can be learned through self-education.



@Maha... WOW, I'm speechless!
WOW, some people are very narrow minded!
Yup! a college degree doesn't mean that someone doesn't have a purpose. There are plenty of well rounded, successful/hardworking men that I know without them!
A guy without ANY college degree shows he couldn't achieve & finish a purpose Never settle down for someone who's intellectually below you (speaking on experience) he was good in bed, however embarrassing in public with low (theoretical & emotional) IQ
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