6. Divorce

Nobody gets married thinking that they will get divorced, but it is a possibility.2

If you do divorce, and you chose to keep your maiden name, then you donΒ΄t have to change it back (having gone through the trouble of changing it to your husbandΒ΄s name).



@Erik Johansson : I have no problem with traditions but i have problems inequality. So your wife can pay for the band and you for the gathering. How's that? And if you are not willing to take her last name I don't know why she should take yours! And first of all it's completely ridiculous to take another's person's name! Pointless and old fashion!
Heather Jensen
Hey Erik! Thanks so much for a guys prospective!
Erik Johansson
If the woman doesn't want to follow the tradition of the name change, I don't see any reason to follow any of the other traditions, such as the man spending thousands on an engagement ring or wearing a wedding band.
Once in my class, some guys were teasing a girl saying she was in love with a certain guy, calling her 'Mrs. Jones', she said "Even if I was married to him, I wouldn't change my name," and all the guys yelled "OUCH!!!" Wonder why that was...
You've got a one-sided view. If a woman changes her name, she becomes a property, if a man does, nothing wrong with that. Besides, getting someone's name is a sign of devotion, not becoming a property. Anyway, independently of the way you see it, you need to be consistent in your views.
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