9 Reasons to Say Yes when He Proposes ...


You and your man have been together for a while now, and things are progressing better than you ever imagined they would – so you find yourself pondering all of the reasons to say yes, should he propose.

It’s possible, right?

If you’ve found yourself naming the first child you just know you’ll have together someday, you’ve already decided, and are just waiting for him to ask.

But if you’re excited and eager and expectant, you may not have been through this mental checklist yet.2

Sweetie, I can help.

Here are a few good reasons to say yes, when he proposes.

Which he will, trust me.

1. He’s Your Best Friend

He’s Your Best Friend

There are so many very good reasons to say yes, but first and foremost, marry him if the two of you are best friends.

I’m not saying you need to be platonic friends, but that you know you’re yourself around him, that you can tell him anything, and he won’t judge you.

In fact, he’ll love you even more for going for that second ice cream, or for knowing how obsessed you are with Sherlock and Modern Family – in fact, he’ll even camp with you on the couch for an entire weekend, just to get caught up on all of the seasons in one go.2

He’s there for you, like a best friend should be, to help you celebrate life’s successes, and get through the challenges, too.2

Say yes!

2. You Just Click

You Just Click

From day one, you and your love bug have been so comfortable with each other.

There was never that awkward getting-to-know-you phase – you’ve been on the same page from day one;

even from the beginning, it felt natural to spend 72 hours straight with him.

This component of a relationship isn’t a proposal deal-breaker, but if he can finish both your sentences and your burger (after you’re full, of course), and you have that instant “click,” it definitely goes in the “win” column.

You Share the Same Values
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