7 Reasons to Travel with a Guy before You Marry Him ...


There are reasons to travel with a guy before you marry him, even if you live together.

Travel presents experiences and scenarios you don’t encounter at home during your regular life, and it is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about your guy and get answers to questions.

And some of these questions may not even have occurred to you.

Until you travel with your guy, you don’t know what he is like outside of his comfort zone.

You may not know how he reacts to new situations, how he treats people who are different from him or how he reacts to uncomfortable scenarios.

Traveling together could be the true test of how good your marriage will be.

Here are the most relevant reasons to travel with a guy before you marry him.

1. How Does Your Guy Act outside His Comfort Zone?

Not only will you learn something about your guy, but undoubtedly something about yourself.

Go someplace where neither one of you are surrounded by familiar food, people or culture.

What this teaches you is how well you cope without your support network, how well you listen to and lean on each other and how well you accept the new challenges.

All of these are important relationship skills and finding out if he’s got them is definitely one of the reasons to travel with a guy before you marry him.

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Isabella Coles
I'm a morning person but on a week long holiday with my man it wasn't too bad cause i could relax more knowing that i got him every day with me - we don't live together just yet
AK so true, internal clock is a bigger deal than you'd think~ especially if you are the morning person. Traveling together can be a great way to see how compatibly adventurous you are, and how one another see the world with a hopeful eye & heart! Both parties learn about spontaneity as well as how a little planning can bring fun as well as relaxation to two people's (or a family's) life! Carpe Diem :)
Different internal clocks and it is a pain!!
So true.
Great read! Me and my boyfriend always talk about travelling before we marry!
I thought this article was fantastic
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