6. Does Your Guy Have the Same Inner Clock as You?

Are you both night owls or does he like to get up at the crack of dawn to meet the sunrise?

Are you worn out at 9 PM and for him, the party is just starting?

While incompatibility here isn’t usually a deal-breaker, it may make traveling challenging.

Look for the desire for compromise.

How Does Your Guy Treat the People Serving Him?


AK so true, internal clock is a bigger deal than you'd think~ especially if you are the morning person. Traveling together can be a great way to see how compatibly adventurous you are, and how one another see the world with a hopeful eye & heart! Both parties learn about spontaneity as well as how a little planning can bring fun as well as relaxation to two people's (or a family's) life! Carpe Diem :)
Different internal clocks and it is a pain!!
So true.
Great read! Me and my boyfriend always talk about travelling before we marry!
I thought this article was fantastic
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