2. Maintains Your Appearance

It's hard to stay fit, keep your nails painted, and get your hair done even when you're single, let alone while in a relationship.

But when you have someone to impress, you're more likely to maintain your appearance than just let it all go.

You care about what they think and if they find you attractive, so you're more likely to be the best you can be if you have little reminders like date nights.

Gives You an Excuse


I was with my ex girlfriend for 2 years & in those 2 years we went on 3 date nights all of which were in our first year...Our last year, not one! And it killed our relationship, among some other things, her playstation addiction/neglecting me and myself getting feelings for another...
Natasha Chappotin
I forwarded this article to my other half! In the last year I have been through 3 major knee surgeries and my day to day has diminished drastically . I went from being an independent woman to a completely dependent patient in my home! I have loss all urges to get "dolled up" and go out because it's a strain on my relationship to do - or so I feel that way. My attitude is positive toward recovery but nothing else. And with reading this I feel as though I was reminded of not the importance of date night but how beautiful my relationship once was and where I can't wait to get it to again!
Natasha Chappotin
@Redd oh how I understand what you mean! So sorry to hear about the losses you have been through.
Love this !! My husband & i have not had a date nite in about 3 years!! And you feel the stress!! This is what we need!! I have been through alot for the past 3-4 years lost family members!! brother dad mom. I really was not in the mood for any date nite!! But my husband has dealt with it!! Been really tuff!!!
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