7 Reasons Why First Love is so Powerful ...


There is no specific reason why first love is so powerful, because it’s an accumulation of small details that make it momentous.

It’s filled with intense and passionate emotions that you think will last forever, which may be the reason why everyone says first love is hard to forget.

However, it makes perfect sense because it’s the first time you truly love and feel loved by a person outside your family.

Even when that relationship is over, it remains as a big part of who you are.2

So in case you were wondering, here are a number of reasons why first love is so powerful.

1. Experience Feelings for the First Time

The second you fall in love for the first time, you suddenly realize the difference between loving someone and liking someone.2

You notice that having a crush on someone is nothing compared to loving a person unconditionally.

Getting a sudden surge of emotions that you may have never felt before and being introduced to those feelings for the first time is why first love is so powerful.

Memories Will Last Forever


I don't think this is true for everyone. I don't remember most things about my first love.. And I haven't spoken to him in ages and don't really think about him ever. Neither do I have that teensy bit of care for him. Not that I hate him too; I'm just indifferent. So I guess it's different for each person.
It's really true.....😔😞
I'm 41 years old and still very good friends with my first love. 25 years we have shared stories, and lived separate lives. But he will always be my first love.
I am still with my first love. We hv been dating for almost a year now. he means the world to me. I can't image live without him. Whenever we hv a serious fight, it makes me feel like I am gonna lose him, nd that breaks my heart. We just had a fight, nd I kept thinking about it...it's 3am right now, I couldn't sleep...
My first love taught me how to smile, how to laugh, and how to live, but lately, things have been going pretty messy. We don't understand each other anymore as we are complete opposites. We broke up last week and it's been HORRIBLE so far. I don't know what to do.. I just wish we could travel back in time. He means the world to me, and he doesn't even know. 💔
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