7 Reasons Why First Love is so Powerful ...


There is no specific reason why first love is so powerful, because it’s an accumulation of small details that make it momentous.

It’s filled with intense and passionate emotions that you think will last forever, which may be the reason why everyone says first love is hard to forget.

However, it makes perfect sense because it’s the first time you truly love and feel loved by a person outside your family.

Even when that relationship is over, it remains as a big part of who you are.

So in case you were wondering, here are a number of reasons why first love is so powerful.

1. Experience Feelings for the First Time

The second you fall in love for the first time, you suddenly realize the difference between loving someone and liking someone.

You notice that having a crush on someone is nothing compared to loving a person unconditionally.

Getting a sudden surge of emotions that you may have never felt before and being introduced to those feelings for the first time is why first love is so powerful.

Memories Will Last Forever


Caley Thompson
Benevolent and definitely curious. Although we both cared for each other I relied too much on him. It was a very rough breakup (crying in the middle of the halls with 20 people hugging me didn't help as much as you would think 😂) but now, 2 years later, we are still good friends.
@karya I am so happy for you!! My bf and I are each others first love and we are still together 6 years will be this year 😊
my first love just now ripped me to pieces over text. second chances never matter. and now I'm with a broken heart again over my first love. my first love rips me apart.
i am in a relationship wherein i am his first and vice versa..and we have been together for 4 years now and counting..still going strong.. ☺
Krysten Hampson
My first love was really complicated, but most of all I was really happy cause of all the new things I learnt from him and we did a lots of things and experience a lot of things.. Which I guess was good, but in the end he treated me really bad and that's what ended it and I went done into a biggest fall and almost lost my life unfortually 😞 but as this says I do still sometimes check up on him to see how he's doing and I'm really proud of him for the good stuff he has done.. He will still remain a little deep down in my heart but now all the rest belong to someone just as amazing and truly does deserve it and I do hope we can stay together 😃😂❤💔💘
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