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A lot of teenagers don't understand why girls should wait to get a boyfriend. You get TV shows like 'Young and Married' nowadays which are just so ridiculous. Why are people in such a rush? The days of forced/planned marriages are over! The reasons why girls should wait to get a boyfriend are just obscure to some people, but to others, they're perfectly sensible.

1. It's a Waste of Time

When you think about it, how many relationships that start in high school, middle school or even elementary school, actually last? I think this is a pretty legit reason why girls should wait to get a boyfriend. YOLO, right? So why waste your time on something that isn't going to last? Especially when you yourself know very well that it has no future. I've had friends like that.

It's a Waste of Money


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Isabella Coles
Waiting can be worth it, i'm glad i waited til after school finished!
I'm 15 and I've already had 2 relationships, albeit short ones. I've found that, even though they didn't last, they helped my figure out what kinds of guys i like, and gave me experience on having a boyfriend, that I can honestly use later in life.
How are you supposed to identify the qualities you admire and desire within people if you don't get out on the market early and experiment? I'd rather waste my time now than my time later in a relatio...
I actually make my own money because I work
For a young teenager relationships are a way of growing but yes perhaps a waste of time. But I started dating my boyfriend at 17 and I'll be turning 20 early next year (nearly 2 years we've been toget...
I'll be turning 22 in March 2014. I've never had a boyfriend. One of the main reasons why that is, is due to the fact that almost all the guys I have ever met in my entire life have had their heads up their butts.
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