7 Reasons Why Girls Should Wait to Get a Boyfriend ...


A lot of teenagers don't understand why girls should wait to get a boyfriend.

You get TV shows like 'Young and Married' nowadays which are just so ridiculous.

Why are people in such a rush?

The days of forced/planned marriages are over!

The reasons why girls should wait to get a boyfriend are just obscure to some people, but to others, they're perfectly sensible.

1. It's a Waste of Time

When you think about it, how many relationships that start in high school, middle school or even elementary school, actually last?2

I think this is a pretty legit reason why girls should wait to get a boyfriend.

YOLO, right?

So why waste your time on something that isn't going to last?

Especially when you yourself know very well that it has no future.

I've had friends like that.

It's a Waste of Money


Neecey Beresford
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I don't even have a little sister
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this is so true. I tell my little sister to wait all the time (she's 11!). I went out on my first date at like 12, but i didn't think of it as a date until he tried to kiss me and i hit him on reflex. It didn't occur to me that people kissed on dates back then (theres that whole immaturity thing!). when i actually started becoming romantically interested in guys, i was like 14. he was my age, but already so much maturer then most guys. he'd give me flowers, hold doors open for me and recite poems to me. so, i asked him out and he said yes. he was so respectful, didn't expect a kiss, didn't expect anything from me at all. buuuuut, i couldn't handle my emotions AND my schoolwork, so i broke up with him. 2 years later, i felt that i was mature enough to handle a relationship, so we got back together. I feel like waiting was a whole lot better. i don't want to "date around" i want to experience a serious relationship… not a hook-up and a break-up all in the course of a month or two. if i had continued to date when i was a lot younger because every one else was dating, i'd probably end up like them (more then 6 people i went to school with now have kids and are single and we're only 19). I am in a serious relationship with the guy i met when I was 14 (but dated when i was 16/17-ish)
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