2. It's a Waste of Money

If a relationship is hardly going to last, you're basically blowing money on stuff like gifts and dates.

How many teenagers can actually say that they don't get most of their money from their parents?

I mean it can be fun to spend money that isn't yours, but it doesn't feel good knowing you wasted your parents' hard earned money.



Maddalena Edipus Pizzonia
i think that this article is just no sense...
@Haley I dont think you missed out on anything. You still have plenty of time to have a boyfriend...trust me, a lot of my friends had boyfriends in high school and most of them got nothing out of it, except for a heartbreak. Sometimes I also wish I had a boyfriend, or I think about how it would be like to have one, but trust me, we are not missing out. The right one will come along :)
I'm 19 never had a boyfriend and it's been great! I go out on dates and have fun figuring out what kind of guy I like and don't like while trying to find the one! I have loved not being ties down and just having fun while being young!
Wasn't my favorite article... I found a couple grammatical errors and found numerous points generalized and poorly stated. Not all guys aren't as mature as we are for one, and many of my friends' relationships have lasted much longer then adult relationships I know of. I think some of the points were legit, I just think they could have been worded better. Just my opinion...
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