3. Prioritize

There are so many other things to focus on rather than worrying all the time about whether you have a boyfriend or not.

I'm pretty sure being a student means you should study.

And that's what most girls are right now, students.

I personally think that education is more important than relationship status.

In some cases, having or obsessing over having a boyfriend will not affect your studies, but for most it will.

Are you sure you're able to juggle family, friends, education and a boyfriend simultaneously right now?

Boys Are Less Mature than Girls


Geez... This is a real mood dampener
Jaime Fairbanks
@Jemma Well said! I couldn't agree more!
I also think it's quite patronising to teenagers; emotions felt by teenagers are no less valid than by older people
I couldn't agree less with this article. I'm 29 and have had many relationships; some short, the most recent was very long. Your teenage years are for having fun, getting to know yourself and not thinking too much about the future! So if you want to date a guy go for it- it's all a learning experience for the future anyway
Lara Genovesi
I have boyfriend and I'm %100 sure it's love I feel, he's amazing so I think we'll work out, and he makes me happy - That's the main thing, right? :)
I'm 16 and in an amazing relationship with my 19 year old boyfriend. I'm a junior and he has already graduated. We both work and pay our way. I drive 89% of the time but we make it work. Honestly the only thing that I'm struggling to balance is school. I have work, my boyfriend, and my friends. And it's extremely difficult to manage school. I'm passing all but one class. Will I say dating as a teenager is a waste of time? No I will not. I have dated a sum of guys in the last three years and have learned quiet a bit about what I want in a guy, and what I want for my future and how to handle the opposite sex. Dating in high school is a learning experience and honestly a lot of high school sweethearts do stay together.
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