3. Prioritize

There are so many other things to focus on rather than worrying all the time about whether you have a boyfriend or not. I'm pretty sure being a student means you should study. And that's what most girls are right now, students. I personally think that education is more important than relationship status. In some cases, having or obsessing over having a boyfriend will not affect your studies, but for most it will. Are you sure you're able to juggle family, friends, education and a boyfriend simultaneously right now?

Boys Are Less Mature than Girls


I so relate with this. My friends are bugging me about me having a date or boyrfriend. But for me if the guys really into you he will wait and do something and would never get tired of courting you un...
@Shauna, I know right?!
Geez... This is a real mood dampener
Jaime Fairbanks
@Jemma Well said! I couldn't agree more!
I also think it's quite patronising to teenagers; emotions felt by teenagers are no less valid than by older people
I couldn't agree less with this article. I'm 29 and have had many relationships; some short, the most recent was very long. Your teenage years are for having fun, getting to know yourself and not thin...
Lara Genovesi
I have boyfriend and I'm %100 sure it's love I feel, he's amazing so I think we'll work out, and he makes me happy - That's the main thing, right? :)
I'm 16 and in an amazing relationship with my 19 year old boyfriend. I'm a junior and he has already graduated. We both work and pay our way. I drive 89% of the time but we make it work. Honestly ...
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