4. Boys Are Less Mature than Girls

No offense to boys, but it's a fact.

Boys tend to 'man up' later than girls.

Even puberty strikes girls earlier.

Dating a guy similar in age would be like dating a person much younger than yourself, and you want to be his girlfriend, not his mom, whereas dating a guy much older when you're still in like high school just seems wrong.2



I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend, but I know that when I meet The One it'll be perfect and So worth it 😃
I disagree with this.. There's some good points.. But like some of the ppl said, they missed experiences.. And you learn lessons.. Just learn to prioritize and you'll be ok... And I've known people to last and get married. Not just in their 20s but my aunt and uncle started dating when they were 12... Now that's extreme. But it's how you grow. I've had bfs encourage me to do things I'm passionate about when I was in high school. It's not a waste of time or money! And usually girls date older sometimes too, so the whole boys are immature s pointless.. I've actually dated a lot that were younger cause they adore you more lol
@Bloop I think it was meant to play as a statistic rather than a fact. Girls do hit puberty first so it's a general categorization that guys are, when at the same age as a girl, are less mature. It's similar to saying things like "teenage boys eat a lot," when not all do, it's simply a general statement
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