5. Immaturity

That is not an insult. It's just that there's so much more to find out about yourself and the whole world that's ahead of you. Are you sure you understand 'love' as well as you think you do? Are you really ready to take on the responsibility of loving someone? You're still young, there's plenty of time. You don't have to start searching for your soul mate now.

Emotional Burden


I'm 19 never had a boyfriend and it's been great! I go out on dates and have fun figuring out what kind of guy I like and don't like while trying to find the one! I have loved not being ties down and just having fun while being young!
Wasn't my favorite article... I found a couple grammatical errors and found numerous points generalized and poorly stated. Not all guys aren't as mature as we are for one, and many of my friends' rela...
I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend, but I know that when I meet The One it'll be perfect and So worth it 😃
I disagree with this.. There's some good points.. But like some of the ppl said, they missed experiences.. And you learn lessons.. Just learn to prioritize and you'll be ok... And I've known people to...
@Bloop I think it was meant to play as a statistic rather than a fact. Girls do hit puberty first so it's a general categorization that guys are, when at the same age as a girl, are less mature. It's ...
I met my husband in middle school and I never regret starting to date him in 7th grade. I believe these examples don't always apply.
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