7. They're Rebels

Guys love rebellious girls.

This is especially true during the teen and college years.

What's more exciting than a girl who shuns authority, skips classes, sneaks out and parties when they're not supposed to?

The answer of course is a good girl, but guys don't see it that way.

They like the rebellious spirit, even if it's not what's best for them.

Give the guy some time to mature and he'll soon see good is just as sexy.

Not as Intimidating


I feel like this article was written by some stuck up girl whose boyfriend dumped her for someone who's actually interesting and fun
Lol Its funny how boys grow thru this.😂
Is there any site that i can ask counsel? or chatting haha
Elena Mayuga
So that's the bottomline ... Tsk ... Hahaha
Being a bad girl doesn't make you immature and uneducated. 😒
Good girls go to haven , bad girs go everywhere . 😇😈
Valerie sliter
There is one. It's from 35 weeks ago.😊
i agree. we need a pit about how to tame a bad boy .... it would help lol
Sasa Fab
Agree with Cecily
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