8. Not as Intimidating

Bad girls often seem more like one of the guys. Good girls tend to be smart, mature and focused. Guys tend to find all of those traits a little intimidating. Plus, if you seem like you have your life in order, it doesn't seem like you really need him. The bad girl looks like she needs to be tamed. To them, it's a fun, exciting adventure instead of an intimidating wall they don't understand.

Fewer Strings


@AngelaRose, good question :) :D if a girl do-it-like-that, she's so freakin' awesome
Good girls are only bad girls who don't get caught.
Ya Tan
what is honestly bad and good, it should all be neutral - in short every girl should have a good heart , a rebellious streak a little adventure little unpredictability but nothing that would hurt othe...
Imao not all bad girl are bad girl indeed they just love them selves more than the lover.They are strong independent woman ..who can dump guys if they are not goes on there way .Indeed they are lovable and love adventure .
Who says a girl can't be both good and bad? πŸ˜ƒ
I feel like this article was written by some stuck up girl whose boyfriend dumped her for someone who's actually interesting and fun
Lol Its funny how boys grow thru this.πŸ˜‚
Is there any site that i can ask counsel? or chatting haha
Elena Mayuga
So that's the bottomline ... Tsk ... Hahaha
Being a bad girl doesn't make you immature and uneducated. πŸ˜’
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