7 Reasons Why He Hasn't Called after the First Date ...

If you haven’t heard from him in over a week, there may be a few reasons why he hasn’t called.

Don’t beat yourself up, as it may not be your fault!

But do consider some self- reflection, as you can always learn from any minor mistakes you’ve made on a first date.

Take a look at some reasons why he hasn’t called.

1. The Date Didn’t Go as Well as You Thought

Just because you had a fun night, doesn't mean he did, which may be one of the reasons why he hasn't called.

Perhaps at first it seemed as though he was having a good time, but then you said something that turned him off.

Don’t get all upset with yourself, though!

If you said something that bad, you have now learned your lesson.

If, however, you were just being yourself, then you should forget him.

If he doesn't like your personality, you’ll find another man who will!

He’s Not That into You