2. Responsible


An older woman is most likely a hard worker that has built a foundation for herself.2

Older woman tend to be more clear and focused and know exactly what they want.

She can help guide and teach a man the ways of life and build up his drive, confidence, and self-esteem.

The life experiences she has been through can also help a man stay grounded and realistic.



Like fine wine , we only get better with time!
@Lila Rodrigues so true. I don't have all of these, but it doesn't mean someone older is better / more attractive. I wouldn't say that because I'm younger that I'm immature, in fact I'm not. Confidence I might lack, but that's because living with my parents (way they are) makes it that way. Maybe experience isn't everything; experience tends to make those look past minor details.
Alesha Jones
I'm 34 and am with someone 10 yrs younger, who is here (New Zealand) on a long visit from England, neither of us expected to feel the way we do but now he is planning on staying here, I would have scoffed at this kind of thing a year ago, but sometimes you can't plan who you will fall for.
Love this! I'm 34 & bf is 25 & we have an amazing connection!
My husband is 81/2 years younger than me, didnt seek out a younger guy just happened that way 😊
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