4. Honesty


There is a level of honesty and trust that an older woman has learned to apply to her partners.

Respect is very important in all areas of dating and relationships.

An older woman has mastered this life skill and wants honesty, trust, and respect in return.

She is not going to be impressed if the man is still trying to figure out how to juggle multiple dates, or come up with excuses about other women is his life.



Like fine wine , we only get better with time!
@Lila Rodrigues so true. I don't have all of these, but it doesn't mean someone older is better / more attractive. I wouldn't say that because I'm younger that I'm immature, in fact I'm not. Confidence I might lack, but that's because living with my parents (way they are) makes it that way. Maybe experience isn't everything; experience tends to make those look past minor details.
Alesha Jones
I'm 34 and am with someone 10 yrs younger, who is here (New Zealand) on a long visit from England, neither of us expected to feel the way we do but now he is planning on staying here, I would have scoffed at this kind of thing a year ago, but sometimes you can't plan who you will fall for.
Love this! I'm 34 & bf is 25 & we have an amazing connection!
My husband is 81/2 years younger than me, didnt seek out a younger guy just happened that way 😊
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