7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last ...


Nice Guys are some of the best guys on the market aren't they ladies? They pull out your chair, have manners, are willing to do almost anything for you – who wouldn't want that? You'd be surprised how many women turn nice guys down just on principle. I'm here to give you the top 7 reasons why the nice guys finish, so maybe you'll take a second look at these guys when they ask you out!

1. Not a Bad Boy

Oh, the bad boy perception, it's hot right?

It's also a little dangerous, as those bad boys are prone to doing more harm than good.

Most nice guys are turned down because a girl is looking for the bad boy.

Well ladies, you might want to think twice about the nice guys that ask you out!

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Jean-Simon Lavoie
they have to type of "Nice Guy" The first : He is genuinely a great person. If he is nice with other is because he want and he enjoy to do it. He is also able to say NO. the second: they are nice because they want to manipulate other or have no personality: they have no backbone, fake and can't say NO. TEST type 1 or type 2 In french type 1 could be call "Garçon gentil" and type 2 could be call "Gentil garçon" if you buy a drink to a girl to "Buy" time => Type 2 If you buy a drink to a girl to because you found she have a amazing personality and you like the way she are and you want to make her feels appreciated => Type 1 If after reading that you have think : « ah ... I see ... OK I must buy her a drink to make her feel appreciated » You are type 2 (gentil garçon) In that case you just want to buy girls time and manipulate her you are just a two-faced bastard. And nobody like two-faced bastard
Im dating a nice guy and he has been the best person Ive dated, but it is true. Guys who are nice need to step up, make decisions and have a backbone.
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