7 Reasons Why People Cheat on Their Partners Even when Everything Seems Perfect ...


I’m sure many of us have been in a relationship where our partner hurt us, or betrayed us, which makes a girl crazy wondering of all the reasons why people cheat when everything just seems perfect. I’ve been there not once, not twice, but three times, girls, and I’m here to tell you there are legitimate reasons why men and women cheat on their partner, even if they seem like nothing is wrong to begin with. There are tons of possibilities for reasons why people cheat, but usually it boils down to one of these reasons below. Cheating hurts, no matter what the reason, but it can at least help to understand why in the midst of the madness it creates in your heart.

1. They’re Not Ready to Settle down

Even if someone may love another person, one of the main reasons why people cheat, is they are afraid to settle down and commit. Even if they say that they are, inside they have a fear of being vulnerable enough to stay with a person long term, or they are afraid of only being with one person for a long period of time. They may even date whomever they’ve cheated on you with for awhile, but eventually, usually they end up cheating on them too.

They’re Insecure


My husband cheated on me when we were dating. When I found out form the other women and confronted him he fell on his knees saying it was a huge mistake, begged me to stay and let him spend the rest o...
Diana Coroy
It was a very difficult process to go through, and I don't want to minimize the pain infidelity can cause, as for me the pain lasted a few years, and sometimes trust takes a very long time .
Diana Coroy
I was in a long term relationship with a man I thought I would be spending the rest of my life with, boy I was wrong. It was a difficult time finding out he had cheated on me, but I appreciated the op...
Denise Cristobal
You're absolutely correct, Cara! That's why we can't go around judging someone based on their looks. :)
Denise Cristobal
Hi Christina. You know yourself better than anyone else. Do you think you will be able to put your trust in him again? Are you willing to take the risk?
@Christina you are welcome. I couldn't agree with you anymore - stay strong. The last thing you want is him taking your strength away.
Thank you so much for writing to me, Henna. I welcome Any advice at this point. Sorry to hear about your man, they are all just horn dogs huh? 🐖Respect is one of the hardest things, it seems for my man to have. .?? ❓🚨
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