7 Reasons Why Rebound Relationships Are a Mistake ...


There are many reasons why rebound relationships are a mistake. You've probably rushed into dating after a break up at least once, and discovered for yourself that you really should have waited. But why are these relationships usually doomed to failure? Here are some reasons why rebound relationships are a mistake …

1. Time to Recover

One significant reason why rebound relationships are a mistake is that you need time to recover from your previous relationship. You may have been with your ex for a long time, and it's essential to mourn the loss of your hopes and dreams. Once you've come to terms with the changes in your life, you should be ready to meet someone new - but all in good time.

Lessons Unlearned


Two years 3 rd marriage
Rebound relationship with my son's father... I truly dislike this man 16 years later... Love my son to the fullest.. But his father turned out to be a jerk.. He stays 5 minutes from his son and choose...
Anna Rubailova
The only thing that is worse that a rebound relationship is having one with your previous ex. I thought this was going to help me to get over, but it clearly just doesn't help at all.
Have to disagree.. I'm in my first real relationship since my marriage ended a year ago.. I hadn't been with anyone in 8 months.. u could class it as rebound but I have full moved on an love my new relationship
I'm currently in a rebound relationship and I honestly think I didn't want to be alone.
I'm in a rebound relationship, minus the "relationship" part... We are both on the same page and have the same understanding that it's a "sex thing" for us. But we could not see a future with one another.
I married my rebound guy - they're not all horrible!
Cee Vee
LOL at reference to queen rebound herself Kelly brook and forgot Katy perry
Another reason would be how unfair it would be to the person you are rebounding with
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