7 Reasons Why the Person You Marry Should Be Your Best Friend ...


We’re always given reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend.

But I’ve noticed that those reasons usually don’t extend much further past the subject title.

It seems so obvious the reasons why, yet for many people, they still cite marrying their best friend as a key to lifelong happiness!

So here are 7 reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend.

1. You’ll Always Have Fun

One of the best reasons why the person you marry should be your best friend is because as humans, we need fun and excitement.

We need adventure, we need to stimulate our senses and get excited about things!

Whatever they say about marriage, one thing you need to keep any relationship strong is the ability to have fun.

So who better to marry than the one person you have fun with, no matter what the two of you are doing?

The Love is Utterly Unconditional


I am currently in a serious relationship with my bestfriend and I think he's the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with cant imagine life without him :)
maan jee
@Taylr_, this happens because love marriage couples usually compare their spouse with the state as he or she was in past before marriage... they start use to become desperate of the fact that their spouse dnt cares abt him/her or love as were in past... i think it shouldn't b like so... both of them must realise the reality that emotions get weaker or become less dominant with time
brake up nut all the try to marry ur best friends for they makes the dark days bright
hmmmmmm I believe in everything overthere bcos if all the above broken marriges are really true friends I dont see why it shld
Mariza Hofer
@Taylr_ me and my hubby are separated since a month. I am living with a new bf who I've got know 5 months ago. Me and my husband we keep dating, and we just found out we're still very in love and we need to readjust things before coming back to each other... That's a very complex theme. 😌
I'm dating my best friend, but we are pretty sure we only became best friends for this to happen =)
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