15. More Chivalrous

The older a man is, the more chivalrous he'll be. If you want someone to hold open doors for you and pull out your chair, your best bet is to date an older man. Respect was more important in the past, so he's a bit more chivalrous than the teens today.

Makes You Feel Young


Marjet Pogado
yes.. that's right we have our own decision to choose
Estrada Leonel
Whatever you decide? Choose to please YOU! Those who really love you will respect your decision. If the guy loves you, respects you, is active, fun, and sociable you're in good hands. No need to be sc...
I was dating an older man for over 2 years but broke up for about 9 moths an are now trying to work things out! I have a lot of people that think it is crazy I was dating someone 20 years older then m...
Central Scrutinizer
I have not dated a lot of women or had a ton of girlfriends. But I have had a serious relationship both with a woman who was 50 when I was 30 and a woman who is 33 when I am 49 (just turned 50 a few d...
Women dating much older men is a hot topic that people discussing online. There are thousands of younger women dating older men couples today and they seem to be happy with each other. More @ WomenDatingOlderMen.c'om
Some is truth, my guy is sucessful and good career, but he send me same sms every morning, just like Robot! Does the business man always do that?
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