11 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex with Your Best Friend ...

At the last few weddings and even romantic gatherings I’ve been to, I’ve heard the same phrase mentioned over and over again among the guests - well they’ve been best friends forever!

- which is why I digress into claiming there are many reasons to pursue and have sex with your best friend.

One common fallacy these days is that men and women can be best friends without any sexual tension or promise of a romantic future.

But like the classic film When Harry Met Sally, and countless other personal experiences have proven, men and women just can’t make it in platonic friendships let alone as best friends.

Therefore there are many reasons to have sex with your best friend and here they are!

1. They Know You the Best

This may seem like the most obvious reason but in fact it’s actually the most underrated.

If you have a best friend who you would consider dating or as a sexual partner, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

After all you tell each other everything, right?

The fact that involuntarily your best friend of course knows you the best, there’s no doubt that having sex with them will not only strengthen your connection, but will provide guaranteed pleasure because they really do know everything about you.

This is one of the very best reasons why you should have sex with your best friend.

They Know Your Family and Friends