3. You May Only Be Trying to Fill a Void

If you’ve recently been burned by a past relationship or maybe have been going through some difficult times in your own personal life, you may only be seeking a man’s love because you want to fill a void in your heart. If a guy so much as shows you a little attention or kindness, don’t jump into his arms and say you’re in love. You don’t love him. You love the idea of him; you love the attention he’s giving you. When a man sees how vulnerable a woman is, he will more often than not simply take advantage of her. Don’t allow a man to dictate your emotions.

You Are Young: Choose Carefully


This article is unfair to the many nice, respectful guys out there; and no - I've never seen "The Ugly Truth". This article also plays into outdated gender stereotypes: not all men want women only for...
@Angel, how long have you guys been chatting for?
He chats wit me evry single day...he is at my workplace....he likes chatting wit me but never asked me out... He jst says we shld meet up someday but nvr makes plans....wat do i do....i like him 😒
Maquittia Tolliver
This is so cool, I've starting following my logics first then my feelings before reading this and it really backs off the wrong guys to mAke room for the right one
@Ine Van Tuijl lol 😉
soo true
I still need my heart to make my blood circulate.... Silly joke. 😆
Amazingly said
Catleya Gaddi Avestruz
be ready for the next..
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