4. They'll Never Respect You

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Cheaters never respect their partners. If there aren't consequences, they feel like it's okay to walk all over you. Even if you yell at them and get upset, staying simply tells them it's okay to cheat. Leaving them proves you respect yourself. You shouldn't have to stay in a situation where your partner doesn't respect you or where you don't respect yourself.

Be a Role Model


@Cori Obviously, I don't approve of marital abuse in any way, shape or form. But, why not divorce before cheating?
Would you say an emotional connection without sex, just kissing and cuddling an affair?
Marine-Zareh Boyadjian
@bo I agree!
Marine-Zareh Boyadjian
@Danielle I totally agree!
@Cori you don't get out of it either way, so?
Michaela Shy
I love #7. I was in a situation where I almost cheated on my boyfriend, but I couldn't and I didn't. That's when I knew I truly loved him.
Would you call an emotional attachment to some one else cheating, if he never slept her? Just kissed and cuddled...,
Lin Newsom
So agree !
You've obviously never cheated on someone then. Until you do, you will never know why some people have legitimate reasons to. Try getting out of an abusive Christian marriage with only two options: infidelity or death. Guess what? I'm still alive. Let that sink in for a bit.
Omg So true 100 % agree.
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