7 Reasons You Don't Need to Be in a Relationship Right Now ...


You, like many other people, may long for companionship for a variety of reasons, despite the many reasons you don't need to be in a relationship.

While television, movies, and even your friends and family may make a relationship look glamorous, that does not mean that finding the right person is for you right at this moment.

If you're experiencing pressure to be in a relationship or just really want to be in one, here are some reasons you don't need to be in a relationship that you might want to think about before jumping into a companionship right at this moment.

1. You're Too Busy

Sounds like a cop-out, but one of the reasons you don't need to be in a relationship is because you have too much on your plate.

Any relationship requires time, energy, and a level of devotion to function properly.

If you're currently holding down two jobs, in school part-time, acting as a live-in babysitter to your younger siblings, and barely holding on to a social life, a relationship is not what you need right now.

Sure, the idea of "if you really want to make something work, you can make it work" SOUNDS good, but if you're really honest with yourself, you will see how unrealistic that idea is.

Entering into a relationship when you're already busy with a million other things will only lead to destruction for you and your new mate.

2. You're Focused on Your Career

No matter if you're young and just starting a career or older and venturing off into a new career, if you have tunnel vision for the work you wish to do, you likely will not be able to duplicate that passion for a relationship right now.

In line with the idea of being "too busy," being career-focused is a sure sign that you should hold off on a relationship, at least until you get where you want to be career wise.

Take a step back and evaluate what's really the most important thing for you right now.

If it's your career, then put your energy into that and worry about a relationship later.

You're Not Ready for a Commitment
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