17 Reasons You Need to Toss πŸ—‘ the Idea πŸ’‘ of Mr. Right πŸ’– ...


How many of you are looking for Mr. Right? How about Ms. Right? How many of you are playing the dating game right now – maybe casually, maybe seriously, perhaps somewhere in between – hoping that the next person you meet will be The One? Well, let me make a radical suggestion: stop it. You need to ditch the entire idea of Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Hear me out, I think some of these reasons are really compelling. What do you think?

1. Who Says There's Only One Mr./Ms. Right?

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You change and grow and evolve throughout your life, which means that the person who's right for you now may not be right for you in five, ten, or twenty years.

It's True That a Watched Pot Never Boils


Where is gif #7 from?
Love everyone's comments πŸ’›
Isabella Coles
I have to say tho, my man doesn't have some of the things I would have liked as a partner, but I learn so much from him every day, and he always makes me laugh in hysterics, we work in totally differe...
Isabella Coles
@Kristy I'm in the same boat, I gave my man a chance as at the time I loved hanging out and we always had something to talk about :) 5 years later we're finally living together and getting married next year ☺️
I couldn't have found a more caring, compassionate, funny and loving person in the world. We've been together a year now and life is pretty amazing. I know I'm his world and how much he loves me and my son and he's my best friend.
I can personally say that when I met my bf while he was a great looking guy he wasn't physically my type and almost wrote him off but we had such great conversation that I decided to give him a shot. It was the best decision I ever made!!!
Good post!
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