7 Reasons You Should Overlook Faults in Your Partner ...


Making the decision to overlook faults in your partner is one you will be thankful that you made.

It is not an easy decision.

It is much easier to see the negative than the positive, especially when a certain fault really bothers you.

But there are many advantages for you and your relationship when you choose to overlook faults in your partner.

1. What You Focus on Grows

What you focus on grows which is why you should choose to overlook faults in your partner.

It really is true.

If you choose to focus on all of the wonderful qualities that your partner has, you will find that you are feeling much more positive about them and even more in love.

On the flip side, if you focus on all of their faults you probably will not feel positive about them much longer.

You will begin seeing more and more faults and feeling more negative about your relationship.

2. You Have Faults Too

Another reason you should overlook faults in your partner is that you have them, too.

It is wise to remember that you are not perfect.

When I get aggravated with my husband, I remind myself of all the things he puts up with living with imperfect me.

If I want him to extend grace to me, then I should do the same to him.

Extending grace contributes to a happier relationship.

3. You Love Them

If you love your partner, that should be motivation to overlook their faults.

You don’t want to hurt the person that you love the most.

Of course, there are times when you have to confront your partner about issues but even then, you should do so lovingly.

But for little everyday things like forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving a room or some other trivial thing, it is best to overlook it.

Remember, true love is blind.

It is Healthier for Your Relationship
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