10 Reasons You're Way πŸ’― More Amazing πŸ˜‰ than You Think πŸ’­ ...


Don't assume that you're never going to get a boyfriend.

You're more desirable than you think.

Don't believe it?

Listen to what Your Tango has to say.

Here are all the reasons why you're more amazing than you think:

1. It's Not All about Looks

It's Not All about Looks

Even if you're not drop dead gorgeous, who cares?

There are other qualities men care about more than your looks.

Beauty is Unique to the Person


Ordinary Girl
#7 gif is my fav
Believe it !!!
I agree, we are all of us beautiful...however, one of THE biggest lies told everyday is "looks don't matter." Oh YES, looks matter! And looks are far more important socially and economically for women than for men😑! I get Holly's point, and it is worth taking to heart! But, girls, do not for one moment believe that in the "real world" looks don't matter...because they do❗️
Eden Hollingsworth
We're all 10's here lol
Jessica Graves
I am a beautiful butterfly. You are too.
Great post
I'm a 10 hell yeah!!!
Jeevitha Niranjan
I certainly am!!!!
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