3. He Holds on to Sentimental Gifts from Her

So, he has yet to throw away that T-shirt she bought for him at that one music concert. Then, when you ask to wear it to bed, he gets super protective and makes you take it off because it was a gift from his ex.

Well, he may just be holding on to it as a reminder that she still means a lot to him. Anything that triggers an emotional response should be perceived as a major warning sign. It's completely understandable that certain gifts shouldn't be tossed away and forgotten, such as his vehicle she helped him purchased prior to the relationship. However, if there are unnecessary gifts located around the house or in a trunk for keepsake, then there's honestly a problem there.

He Social Media Stalks and Talks with Her


This is a great article and so timely. I just broke up with a guy for all those reasons. Bullet dodged!!! Thanks for putting it so succinctly into words what I was feeling about this guy :)
Usually a fan of the things I click on from this site. This just causes insecurity. Add, "He ignores the mention of her" because that might mean he is thinking about her, and you have everything you n...
How about he never brings his kid around because she told him he couldn't.
You would never actually know half of these things were occurring, surely?
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