3. You Want to Hug, but He Doesn’t Want to

Nine times out of ten, a woman wants to hug when a man is doing something.

Men are solution orientated, and something such as a hug puts him off.2

Put him in situations where a hug is part of the process.

Put on a movie and hug him on the sofa, have him hug you in the spoon position in bed or tell him you are a champion wrestler and show him your moves.

If the worst comes to the worst, fake like you are choking, and when he goes behind you to give you the Heimlich maneuver, you quickly spin around and hug him.

Lack of Communication


@Misssweetiejae maybe he watched many porn videos with the same woman, BEFORE he started dating u. He probably dated u bc u look like the lady on the screen, but u know what? We might never know, most men would never tell us they dated you bc the similarities
Mssweetiejae, You deserve better and should expect better . . . An emotionally mature man would not disrespect you or any other woman by engaging in porn under any circumstances!! Ladies, respect and honor yourselves - don't settle for mediocrity!
I'm kind of mutual with the porn thing. For girls, I don't know if you gals masturbate while in a relationship. For men, they have a stronger sex drive. It doesn't mean he's cheating on you or anything -at least he ain't doing with a girl. It's disrespectful but maybe the girl he's masturbating off kind of looks like you? Lls. I honestly wouldn't care unless we're in a serious relationship and I give him a lot of satisfaction and he still does this porn shit. Usually, I expect it from guys but it'd be disrespectful if I didn't expect it from another guy.
Agree with all of the comments said above. What is wrong with you?? Lol
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