3. You Want to Hug, but He Doesn’t Want to

Nine times out of ten, a woman wants to hug when a man is doing something. Men are solution orientated, and something such as a hug puts him off. Put him in situations where a hug is part of the process.

Put on a movie and hug him on the sofa, have him hug you in the spoon position in bed or tell him you are a champion wrestler and show him your moves. If the worst comes to the worst, fake like you are choking, and when he goes behind you to give you the Heimlich maneuver, you quickly spin around and hug him.

Lack of Communication


Agree with all of the comments said above. What is wrong with you?? Lol
Um the comment about pretending to choke is a HUGE no. DO NOT pretend to be choking if you aren't! You could get seriously injured by by the life saving measures that others WILL perform on you. Also ...
I feel like this article acts as if porn isn't a big deal. It is. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is also implying that the woman does not provide enough sexual satisfaction for him and he needs ...
My boyfriend and I get off all the time with each other and we stills masturbate. No big deal. I like the way I make feel too.
Beryl Stokes
Who needs a man who keeps lying ? Does anyone need a man who perpetually looks at other women ? Plenty more fish in the sea who do not behave like this.
Porn a big no no it's disrespectful ! I don't get the hugging bit, I just ask for a hug and get one
Lil hez
@JP thanks for clearing that up. I think this article sterotyped men. And me personally my man watching porn in a relationship is an absolute not. Sorry but I want a man who respects and values me
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