4. Lack of Communication

This is a difficult topic because people that say there is a lack of communication are often terrible listeners.

They can have full conversations with a man and not take on board a single thing he says.

He may come up with very valid reasons why you are wrong or mistaken, but you ignore it.

He then continues to act in a way that annoys you, and you say, “You don’t listen” and “Why don’t we communicate?”

The truth is that you need to spend time each week listening to each other.2

If you have trouble making that work, then write each other a long email and send it to each other.

Give a big report on what you did during the week, and the events between you both that you feel were important.

It is harder to ignore a man, and harder for him to ignore you, if it is written down in the form of a letter.

He is Selfish in Bed


Agree with all of the comments said above. What is wrong with you?? Lol
Um the comment about pretending to choke is a HUGE no. DO NOT pretend to be choking if you aren't! You could get seriously injured by by the life saving measures that others WILL perform on you. Also you will look like the biggest ass if you do the whole "JK" thing. It won't make him want to hug you at all... It will make him mad at you for scaring him like that. Anyways if you need to pretend to be in a critical situation for your guy to pay attention to you, DUMP HIM!!
I feel like this article acts as if porn isn't a big deal. It is. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is also implying that the woman does not provide enough sexual satisfaction for him and he needs to look to other women for that. I'm 100% against porn- especially when in a relationship. If the guy is filling his head with all of these fantasy women and actions, he will never be completely sexually satisfied. Porn is a definite deal breaker. It's not acceptable. At all.
My boyfriend and I get off all the time with each other and we stills masturbate. No big deal. I like the way I make feel too.
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