5. He is Selfish in Bed

The truth is that he may think he is great in bed, or you may be giving off signals that he is doing the right thing when he is not. This is something you have to sit down and have a serious talk about. If you are not reaching your big O, then you cannot let him go on thinking that you enjoy sex. You have to sit down and talk about it and work out a plan of action, or you will have to live with a boring sex life.

He Lies and He Lies a Lot


I disagree too. Both me and my bf have big sex drives and we used to masturbate and watch porn before we got together but ever since we're together we honestly haven't felt the need to masturbate AT A...
I agree, the article is mainly great except for the masturbation part. My husband and I talked about that and he doesn't masturbate at all while I do. He also thinks porn is "stupid."
Husna Shahalemi
Neecey I really like majority of the articles that you post. However, when you start generalizing men I don't like it so much. You don't know every single man out there. Not all men masturbate or stare at other women. Thank you.
Totally agree with @Gracie !
The part about all men masturbate really upsets me because I think that's wrong. You cannot generalise a whole sex of people. Just because they're men doesn't mean they're all the same just like not all women are the same so yeah I totally disagree with that πŸ‘Œ
This is great :)
Ladies, Be careful with #7! Not all men masturbate. All men do not do it twice per week. When I am in a relationship with woman I love, there is zero masturbation even when we are not physically intim...
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