7. He Watches Porn on His Phone or Computer

Sorry ladies, but here is a home truth you will not like. All men masturbate, and all men do it at least twice per week. Some men, including those in relationships, will have to do it once per day (depending on his sex drive). Some men also need to do it after sex, even if it was fulfilling sex. These are just truths that you need to know. Men are not judging you or rejecting you when they look at porn. Many men masturbate to women they wouldn’t dream of dating or even touching in real life. The fix is to talk about porn with him. Do not quiz him or accuse him, or try to investigate why he is a “pervert.” Talk about it to understand his need and drive to masturbate. This will enable you to be more accepting and less judgmental. It will stop you feeling it is an action against you and help you realize it is not a worrisome symptom of your relationship.

Talking is easy if you put in the effort and work in the right direction. Happy couples tend to be great communicators. Are there any issues you don’t believe can be fixed through talking about it?


I'm kind of mutual with the porn thing. For girls, I don't know if you gals masturbate while in a relationship. For men, they have a stronger sex drive. It doesn't mean he's cheating on you or anythin...
Agree with all of the comments said above. What is wrong with you?? Lol
Um the comment about pretending to choke is a HUGE no. DO NOT pretend to be choking if you aren't! You could get seriously injured by by the life saving measures that others WILL perform on you. Also ...
I feel like this article acts as if porn isn't a big deal. It is. Not only is it disrespectful, but it is also implying that the woman does not provide enough sexual satisfaction for him and he needs ...
My boyfriend and I get off all the time with each other and we stills masturbate. No big deal. I like the way I make feel too.
Beryl Stokes
Who needs a man who keeps lying ? Does anyone need a man who perpetually looks at other women ? Plenty more fish in the sea who do not behave like this.
Porn a big no no it's disrespectful ! I don't get the hugging bit, I just ask for a hug and get one
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