8 Relationship Red Flags to Watch out for ...


Relationship Red Flags aren't always easy to spot. In fact, when they say that 'love is blind', it really is sometimes. You might not want to admit that the relationship you're in isn't all that great. Well ladies, don't worry! I got your back, I've got the top 8 relationship red flags that you might want to watch out for in your next relationship. We're also going to explore some of the relationship red flags that you might be able to get around.

1. Bad Breakup Baggage

Let's say that the guy that you're into right now got out of a relationship over a year ago.

Let's say that the breakup was horrible.

Chances are, he's probably still bitter and he could actually take bitterness out on you.

This is definitely one of the relationship red flags that you get around, but it might take time.2

Lots of Flings


The surefire best way to know if your man is cheating is if he's constantly suspicious of you and accusing you of cheating. Every time I've had a boyfriend do that to me, it turns out he was the one cheating. The guilt he feels and insecurity of it all makes him project it all onto you so he doesn't feel as bad about what he's doing. And always trust your instincts. If worse comes to worse, just confront him and see how he reacts. If he blows up about it and makes counter accusations, especially if you approached it in a calm non-hostile way, then there's a good chance he's cheating on you.
@Confused, lots of men have been with over 50 women, it's not that big of a deal. I've dated many guys who've been with tons of women, my longest relationship (5 years) was with a guy who had been with over a 100 women. Yes, he was a musician so that can make a difference, but I don't think you have to worry about that. That fact that his longest relationship was only 10 months in high school is a huge red flag though. But how old is he now? I for one don't count high school relationships as real relationships anyway, so I think you should seriously step back and take a long look at your relationship with this guy and see if it has a future. Maybe he just had some wild years and now he's ready to settle down and you're the girl for him. I think you need to talk to him about it when he's sober. Both your ages and how long you've been together can make a difference and can really help answer your question more. Good luck hun.
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