7 Relationship Red Flags to Watch out for at the Beginning ...


Relationships are hard, but you should be able to pick out the relationship red flags at the beginning.

Most people ignore the signs off the bat and think it will get better when chances are it won't.

If your new love is doing things that you just can’t look past, then have that talk now.

Before you read, make sure to take each situation into account.

The below doesn't always mean they are true as everyone is different.

Here are some relationship red flags that deserve a chitchat or a break up.

1. He Insults You

This one of those pretty obvious relationship red flags, but some girls really just let this slide.

A lot of people think this is like the grade 3 tactic, ‘if they make fun of you, they like you.’ Not always true!

There is a very big difference between teasing and insulting.

If you feel like he is putting you down in any way, this is a big red flag.

He Doesn’t Self Manage Well … or at All


Aly O'Meara
It all depends on the person :)
Valeria Rojas
I agree #6 months you should know if he is serious or not. If not, than it's time to move on. Hope this helps.
#6 applies for relationships with other ladies as well. They won't make good friends, and you'll get tired. I tried contacting someone & they don't respond all the time. It just frustrates me. They never try to contact me, so it just doesn't work.😞
@Jaer I would consider a long term relationship to be 6 months or more. I don't think a guy would stick around with a girl he wasn't serious about for longer than 6 months.
With number 4 what would you consider a long term relationship?
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