8 Relationship Tips to Follow for an Addict ...


There are a lot of different relationship tips for an addict relationship, but what ones do you actually need to follow? Dating an addict is hard, no matter what type of addict it is. Being in a relationship with an addict can be even harder, especially if you've been with that person for a while. If you're wondering exactly what relationship tips for an addict to follow, you've got to take a look below. I've got everything from getting into a support group to allowing your partner time to vent.

1. Be Supportive

I think one of the most important relationship tips for an addict to follow is all about being supportive. You can't expect your boyfriend or girlfriend to quit their addiction all on their own, they will need a support system and if you are going to stick around, you've got to be that for them. Support them and all of their progress and it'll make you both stronger in the end!

Don't Pressure


Amber Jean
I am an addict in and out of recovery and my partner is amazingly strong and supportive...it is so hard to live with an addiction but getting through this WE WILL !!!
Marina Lestraude
I used to date a heroine addict, and the withdrawals were terrible on her, to the point where she thought she was dying...
Kathy Chasen
I'm not in a love relationship with a addict so on that level I may not completely understand but my son is a recovering addict, he's been clean and sober for a while now, I see a difference in him a...
Kim hill
It can be incredible... At times. My partner is an alcoholic. Took me ages to realise. I think one big point to note is that these changes don't happen overnight. Five years later we are still working...
This is a GREAT article but I would just like to add that SOME (not all) addicts are not at a point of being capable of love and it's a good idea to have an escape plan if things go sour. Once they st...
@Lizbeth i'm in a relationship with an addict and it's depressing . Not one of my most incredible relationships .
"Being in a relationship with an addict is incredible..." ?
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