Ridiculous 🙄 Relationship Advice 💑 That You Should Always 💯 Ignore 🙉 ...


There’s a lot of relationship advice floating around out there but not all of it is good.

It’s important not to take every piece of advice at face value.

Before you put it to use in your relationship, evaluate it carefully.

Decide if it’s a good piece of advice to put to use.

These’re 7 pieces of ridiculous relationship advice that you should always ignore.

1. Be Completely Honest

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Honesty is the best policy, but not if it’s brutal.

You have to be careful here.

You want to tell your partner the truth but it’s best to filter your words to make sure they’re kind.

You don’t have to say every thought you think.3

Make it your goal to share things that are helpful, not hurtful.

2. Problems Will Work out in Their Own Time

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It’s true that time can help with certain situations.

But you shouldn’t rely solely on that to work problems out.

You need to deal with whatever situations arise.2

That usually means talking about the issue and sharing your feelings.

You may have to try to find a compromise.

The one thing you don’t want to do is ignore a problem and hope it will go away.

3. Don’t Have Any Secrets

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You may have heard that the best relationships don’t have secrets.

I beg to differ!

While it’s great if you have an awesome connection and can talk about anything, you need to keep some things private.

Let there be a little mystery in your relationship.

It keeps your romance hot!

4. Work Every Issue out Immediately

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I used to stress myself out over this every time my husband and I had a disagreement.3

I felt like it was the end of the world if we didn’t solve it immediately.

But now, with more experience on my side, I realize that sometimes the best thing to do is give each other time and space.

It allows you both to think things over and then you’ll be more ready to work things out.

You’ll also be much calmer than if you push to work things out in the middle of an argument.

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