7 Romantic Gestures from Movies That We'd Love to Experience ...


Wouldn’t you love for your man to perform romantic gestures, like your favorite leading actors do?

In the movies, men are always doing crazy things for the women they love.

They’ll go to any distance in order to make their girlfriend happy.

It would be nice for guys to perform the same romantic gestures in real life.

If only...

1. Leave a Trail of Rose Petals

You come home to find a trail of rose petals leading up your staircase.

When you get to your room, the bed is also covered, and the room is shimmering with candlelight.

In the movies, we always see romantic gestures like this.2

Extra points if there’s a bottle of champagne (or soda, if you’re underage) on your nightstand.

2. Leave Little Notes

When you look in the mirror, there’s a note that says you’re beautiful.

When you head downstairs for breakfast, there’s another note taped to the fridge.

How adorable would it be to see little messages from him around the house?

Even though he’s not physically there, he left his heart with you.

It’s a sweet, easy thing to do that would make you brag about him for months.

3. Send You on a Scavenger Hunt

Why shouldn’t he turn romance into a game?

Imagine him giving you clues that lead you to places that are special to the two of you.

Maybe he’ll send you to the store where you met.2

Then he’ll send you to the location of your first kiss.

It’s an adventure that you’d never forget.

4. Give Random Flowers

It’s not Valentines Day, your birthday, or anniversary.

It’s just a normal day, like any other, but he surprises you with flowers.

It’s a sweet, simple gesture that shows how much he cares about you.

If he’s doing it to apologize after a fight, it doesn’t count.

The gift has to be completely out of nowhere, for no reason in particular.

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