7 Romantic Gestures from Movies That We'd Love to Experience ...


Wouldnโ€™t you love for your man to perform romantic gestures, like your favorite leading actors do?

In the movies, men are always doing crazy things for the women they love.

Theyโ€™ll go to any distance in order to make their girlfriend happy.

It would be nice for guys to perform the same romantic gestures in real life.

If only...

1. Leave a Trail of Rose Petals

You come home to find a trail of rose petals leading up your staircase.

When you get to your room, the bed is also covered, and the room is shimmering with candlelight.2

In the movies, we always see romantic gestures like this.

Extra points if thereโ€™s a bottle of champagne (or soda, if youโ€™re underage) on your nightstand.

Leave Little Notes


I got the trail of rose petals and candles on the night of our anniversary. Plus hearts made out of rose petals on the bed
I also think the lil love notes are a great idea. I know it says we'd like to experience.. I think guys would enjoy it just as much! My brothers ex. Gave him a deck of cards with lil notes on each card. I never liked her lol but he loved this gift..(she ended it a 100 times in 8 years)
I love the scavenge hunt!!! How can I hint for my bf to do this? Or should I first? I love that he brings me lil candies and chocolates alreayd( he is in school full time with lil money) also he hasn't written a song for me. But don't stop believing is our song and 2.5 years later he still reminds me :) he played the night we met and he told me it was he's fav song. An I hit him when it came on cause he wasn't paying attention! Ps.. We were just broken up a year... Don't be like me and take your man for granted!!! Idk how many times I have in the past! Believe :)
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