30 Romantic Surprises for Your Valentine ...


Show off your flirty side this Valentine’s Day with some of the most romantic surprises for your valentine!

This article will give you some really creative ideas to show him how much you really care!

Through these romantic surprises for your valentine, you will make him fall more in love with you as you both share wonderful times together!

Enjoy each other as much as possible!

1. Plan a Weekend Getaway

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One of the most romantic surprises for your valentine is a planned weekend getaway!

Everyone loves surprises but a surprise from someone you love or really care about is simply bliss.

This Valentine’s Day try something new and plan a day-cation for your guy.

Maybe he really loves football but the stadium is in the next town – why not see if you can get tickets and drive up for the day or weekend?

Or maybe you guys have been together for a while but haven’t yet taken a proper vacation or spent quality time together – why not book a hotel room in a nearby city and spend the weekend going out and having a good time?

2. Compile a Collection of Notes

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I saw a picture of this idea on Pinterest and completely fell in love with the surprise: a collection of handwritten notes for your guy that show him how much you care for him that he can open and read each time he’s feeling or doing something.

For example, write on an envelope: “Open this when you’re feeling sad” and then write notes about how much you care or love him, how much you miss him, and/or add pictures of the two of you or include happy and inspiring quotes.

Another envelope can say: “Open this when you need to know how much I love you” and then write notes about how much you just love him!

It will be an adorable surprise for him and a creative project for you!

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