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Romantic things to do don’t have to fall just on Valentine’s Day. They can actually be anytime throughout the year! If you are thinking you need a little romance in your relationship, why not try some of my top 8 romantic things to do throughout the year! I swear, I’ve got the best romantic things to do no matter what the season!

1. Rose Petal Bath

I actually think that this is super romantic and super sexy.

If you have a big enough bathtub, why not draw one for you and your mate?

Slip into the rose petals and see what happens!

It’ll almost be like you two are in a movie.

2. Walk on a Beach

Okay, I know that this sounds a little like a personal ad, but a walk on the beach is absolutely one of the most romantic things to do.

Just imagine, walking in the water and maybe even planning a picnic on the beach?

How sweet would that be!

3. Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway does not have to break the bank, in fact, just a little hotel excursion just down the street from your house is sometimes all that is needed to rekindle the flames of your relationship!

This is by far my favorite romantic things to do on this list!

4. Movie Night

Finding the right romantic things to do in your relationship sometimes isn’t always easy, but a movie night?2

That is definitely super romantic and heck;

you could even take it to the next level and have it out in your front yard with pillows, blankets and a screen set up!

5. Cooking Lessons

I actually think that cooking lessons are such a romantic time for a couple.

It’s a great way for you two to learn your likes and dislikes and also a great way for you two to learn how to create a great meal!

Not only will you get to learn something together, but you can eat the meal that you cooked!

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