17 Romantic Things Your Man Wants You to do ...


In most cases, men are the ones who are being prompted to do all the romancing in relationships.

However, did you know there are actually some pretty romantic things you can do for your man that he'd like and would appreciate from you?!

Guys might come off as tough and not very emotional, but they like a little romance in their lives too!

So, I collected 17 tender and loving ways to show your guy some love in your everyday lives!2

1. Be Affectionate

Want to know one of the top romantic things your man wants you to do?

Get touchy-feely, grab his hand while the two of you are walking somewhere, give him a big hug or just be affectionate in your own little way!3

A little PDA never hurt anyone and it shows the world that you’re proud to be with your guy and how much you adore him!

Remember to keep it PG so you don’t offend anyone or avoid getting too frisky in public!

Gift Him


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Jenni Carrillo
I'm pretty "unaffectionet" so this shall help alot with my relationship.
Heather Jensen
@Cuteeling, if you go to allwomenstalk.com/contact, you'll be able to apply! :)
How do you post this ?
Sumayya Iqbal
An Article Worth READING! 👏👍👌👋It is a gr8 step to be taken in a relationship ;) *Married Ofcourse* 💑👫
Isabella Gingo
This is a great article ! Plus, how did you know I'm obsessed with One Direction !? Lol
Ok I got this!!
I am definitely trying this!
Heather Jensen
Hi Poppa! I agree! All you need is love and commitment to make something work. :)
Poppa Ray
Lisa, Thanks for your on-target advice. I've been married to the same woman for 37 years. We have 5 adult children, 4 married and the last engaged to a great young man. A lasting relationship takes commitment, and faith in God, for me. Everyone get's angry when they're hurt, and in a lasting relationship, you do makes mistakes and hurt one another. Nobody is perfect. God has forgiven me, so I forgive her, as she does me. Best wishes for your future.
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