7 Romantic Traditions from around the World ...


There are hundreds of romantic traditions that you’ve probably never even heard of. Some of them are absolutely adorable, while others are a bit out there. Everyone shows their devotion in different ways, which is why there are so many different romantic traditions. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

1. Love Locks

Love Locks

In Europe, there are multiple places that contain love locks. Couples buy a lock, write their initials on it, and lock it onto a bridge or other structure. This is one of the romantic traditions that are meant to show the world your love. As long as no one figures out the combination, it’s going to be there forever, just like your love.

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@Neecey Beresford well actually that's what it's like in Europe: engagement rings on the left, marriage rings on the right
Alyssa Rider
Love huts lol. Parents building a place for their kids to do it
Aubrey Heber
The love lock is amazing! My partner is Irish, and when we got serious we gave each other claddagh rings as a sign of commitment
Brittany Wright
With the love lock they use a lock with a key, not with a combination. After they lock it, onto the bridge usually, they throw the key into the river.
about the wedding rings,,,not just in Chile,,,in many countries around the world
The love lock 💕💕💕💕
Neecey Beresford
@Gisela Torres, Many many countries have rings but the point being made was that in Chile they wear them on the left hand before switching them to the right after marriage.
Awesome article, family ties relates a lot to marriage.
Ya Tan
Not doing any one of them cause I'm #foreveralone join the team anyone ?
Gisela Torres
The wedding rings are not only in Chile. As far as I know, most Europeans countries have wedding rings, we don't use engagement rings.
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