7 Rules in a Lesbian Relationship People Don't Understand ...


No matter what type of relationship you are in, there are rules, but rules in a lesbian relationship are something that a lot of people don't understand.

I've been in a gay relationship for 6 years and there are rules in a lesbian relationship that none of my friends get – but that's okay!

I've got all of the rules below that can really help you understand how a lesbian or even a gay relationship works!

1. There Are No Gender Definitions

When it comes to lesbian relationships, one of the top rules in a lesbian relationship is that there are no gender definitions.

Just because I work outside of the home and my partner works inside the home, doesn't mean that I am suddenly the 'man' in the relationship.

It just means that I work outside and she works in.

There aren't automatically roles that lesbian relationships follow, it depends on the participants.

2. Not Every Relationship Has a Butch/Femme

Also, not every relationship has a butch lesbian and a femme lesbian.

Truthfully, a lot of people have that misconception about lesbians and it's simply not true.

In my relationship, we are just us, regular people who happen to love one another.

I am not a femme or a butch and neither is my partner.

3. Sex Toys

Another rule in a lesbian relationship is that not every relationship has to have sex toys – and if a lesbian does use them, it doesn't mean that she is missing something.

Truthfully, a girl can get off in so many other ways and sex toys can just be for fun.

In a lesbian relationship, us girls just want to have fun!

4. Sex Does Not Have to Be a Staple Every Night

Because you are dealing with two girls, there isn't a rule that you have to have sex every single night.

You can actually go a few weeks or even months without sex just because you don't feel like it.

Try that out with a guy and who knows what can happen to your relationship!

Nurturing the Relationship Takes Time
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