4. Sex Does Not Have to Be a Staple Every Night

Because you are dealing with two girls, there isn't a rule that you have to have sex every single night. You can actually go a few weeks or even months without sex just because you don't feel like it. Try that out with a guy and who knows what can happen to your relationship!

Nurturing the Relationship Takes Time


I'm straight and married, but I enjoy reading about gay and lesbian relationships because it helps me understand my brother's and other friends' relationships better. I do have to ask, though...is t...
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome! :) I would definitely say that you should start telling people about you being bi -- when you are ready though.
Heather Jensen
Hi Madalyn! :) Thanks for the comment! Will do -- I really appreciate your interest!
Please post more articles on being Bi Sexual and lesbian
My Girl friend and i started going out a month ago and i told no one about my being Bi Sexual .... Any way i feel the same way we laugh and hug and this week end we are going camping 4 our 1st date we...
Heather Jensen
Agreed! Thanks for sharing that! :)
Sex doesn't have to be a staple every night because it can't be. "Fondling" and sex toys do not = sex. Thats not sex. Just throwing in my two cents for you ladies :)
Lyndsie Robinson
Heather and I feel that way as well, it amazes me how many times people ask us if "it's still cheating if one of you sleeps with a guy." Um, yes? Yes it is!
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