5. Nurturing the Relationship Takes Time

A lot of the time, people just assume that because two lesbians are dating, they are automatically engaged – or that just because they are in a relationship, they automatically want to settle down.2

Nurturing the relationship takes a long time and trust me, a girl wants to know her partner inside and out before completely committing.

Any Cheating is Still Cheating


Sex doesn't have to be a staple every night because it can't be. "Fondling" and sex toys do not = sex. Thats not sex. Just throwing in my two cents for you ladies :)
Lyndsie Robinson
Heather and I feel that way as well, it amazes me how many times people ask us if "it's still cheating if one of you sleeps with a guy." Um, yes? Yes it is!
My girlfriend and I believe that any relationship, no matter who you are or what sex you are, should have commitment. Cheating is cheating.
Heather Jensen
Hi Alletta! Thank you for this! :) A lot of people don't do that, they treat these relationships very different.
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's exactly what we do! :) My girlfriend and I are homebodies too, so we do a lot of sharing and experience a lot at home.
Barbie Miles
That's so true, i've been living with my partner for almost a year now, we are not obliged to have a nightly routine, just to make ourselves happy or complete. We act as normal couples do but instead of nightly woohoo's, we tickle each other, we tell jokes, we fondle, we cuddle and tell stories till we fall asleep.
Alletta Ferreira
Oh wow, surprised that people don't get this! I treat gay relationships with the same respect as straight relationships. Everybody is different. And btw, in my straight relationship I'm the one who initiates sex most often... The idea of girls having lower sex drive doesn't hold up for everyone.
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