Searching for a Soulmate: Part 3 ...


1. Mandy's Point of View

When Mike pulled up his sleeve, when he revealed the design he'd been hiding from me for months, my vision went fuzzy.

I was actually thankful for the disturbance.

I didn't want to look at it.

Not when it was on him.

This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

I was supposed to find a sexy stranger and get to know him, little by little.

I was meant to meet his family and ask him about his dreams and take him skiing with me.

I already did all those things with Mike.

We already knew everything about each other.

What fun would falling in love with him be?

I lunged forward, tumbling off my bed, and grabbed his wrist.

He didn't move, even when I used my own sleeve to rub at the design, testing its permanence.

It had to be a phony, right?

Mike had just rambled on about how some men fake their designs to get laid.

But he would never trick me, so...

I guess we were meant to be.

But why?

Why were the two of us considered soulmates?

Why was he destined to be my husband?

Why was the last thing I wanted to happen actually happening?

I loved him like a friend, not like a lover.

Instead of asking one of the offensive questions swirling through my head, I just asked, "Why would you hide that from me?"

"It's only been a week.

I haven't been hiding it," he said, but he yanked down his sleeve as he said it.

"Well, you didn't show me right away."

"Well, you've seen it now."

I placed my forearm against his to compare the designs.

The touch didn't send a jolt of electricity through me.

It didn't make my heart flutter or my palms sweat.

That's why I scrutinized every line and curve of the image.

After a pregnant pause, I said, "Look at that second leaf.

Do you see it?

On the olive branch.

Yours looks a little bigger than mine.

Maybe they aren't the same."

He shook his head, laughing in the way he always did when he was pissed.2

I pulled my arm back, biting down on my lip until I left indents in it.

I felt like a bitch for upsetting him.

He was my best friend.

I didn't want to lose him.

But I definitely didn't want him as a boyfriend, either.

I doubt he wanted me to be his girlfriend, anyway.

Mike's Point of View


I'm legit crying oh my god
This is should write a book or something.You've got awesome imagainations. Can't wait to read more from you!❤️ please make part 4!!😊
That's it??
Can't wait for part 4
AyCee Nash
Aww 😔
There's more right... I want to know what happens next :-)
Great short stories. You should write Romance novels and let ur imagination run. I loved the stories. Cool idea, the tattoos at 18. I love it.
Please make a part 4 it's so good!
That was kinda heartbreaking
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