7 Secrets Guys Want to Know about Girls ...

There are many secrets guys want to know about girls.

Men always complain they never can understand women, but do know to make us happy.

Women don't make it very easy for men to see where we are coming from in the first place.

We are queens of sending mix signals and confusing them.

All men want is some clarity to the mind of women and why we do what we do.

Below, I'm going to detail out all of the secrets guys want to know about girls!

That way guys, you'll know what your woman wants and why she wants it!

1. How to Be Approached

Guys often tell me the scariest thing for them is approaching a girl.

They don't want to be rejected, but they don't want to come off as a loser or a douche-bag either.

Us as women are scary because we have all the power to turn them down and hurt their ego.

What male wants to experience that?

Actually, who ever wants to experience rejection?

I'd say that one of the top secrets guy want to know about girls is how to approach them!

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