7 Secrets of Happy Couples to Keep Your Own Relationship Strong ...


Sometimes it seems like the world is filled with perfect partners, all of whom are hoarding the secrets of happy couples that the rest of us just aren’t entitled to.

In reality, nobody is perfect.

Those who can accept imperfections are often the happiest, which is what really allows us to achieve longevity in a relationship!

Some of the secrets of happy couples are surprisingly obvious, but downright brilliant at the same time.

1. Argue

Seriously, one of the biggest secrets of happy couples is that they just let themselves argue.

In fact, I once read a story about a couple who had been married for 88-years.

The woman said they thrived on an argument a day.

While that may seem like a bid of a headache, it is obvious really.

The more we hold back, the worse things bubble up.

Argue while the small stuff is still small.

Be Realistic


communication is key ... I find that when my boyfriend and I talk about what's bothering us instead if just assuming the other knows what's going on in our heads you can resolve almost anything before it becomes a problem. also learn to pick your battles and don't sweat the small stuff.
Irene Kim
Jade, the best way to deal with it is get out more. You need to separate from that create your own happiness and meet people that you will like. If he has his own life let him live it. I am in your shoes. And i understand where you are coming from. I have been there myself the best thing is separate and live your life. Create boundaries which are healthy for you and him. I did and our relationship became stronger i was this clingy obsessed girlfriend who only thought of him and jealousy arose and thoughts came into mind of what he might be doing behind my back he doesn't want me to find out it was my lack of insecurity. It tore us apart for awhile but i had to own my issue of why things happened and what i did to have caused the problem. I hope this help and if you need to reach me contact me on Kik at ireneyumi so i can help you. :) cheers to you. I know things will work out in the end.
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