15 Wonderfully 🤗 Seductive Words 🗯 to Use when Flirting 😘 with That Special Someone ✨ ...


If you want to flirt with someone, you have to do more than push out your chest and bat your eyes.

The words that you use are just as important as the body language that you use.

That's why you should try to slip these seductive words into conversation while flirting:

1. Compatible

Compatible technically means, "able to exist or occur together without conflict." Of course, saying that you're compatible with someone is the same thing as saying you have chemistry with them.

It means that you're perfect together!



Sian B
What about fondle, it's pretty up there with those cringeworthy words, I'd wet my pants laughing if a potential date uttered any of them, after I'd finished laughing I'd give him my old headmistress phone number, she's gotta be 90 & deaf by now!!
Evelyn Wrenn
Eww no
These sounds gross and old fashioned. They would be turn offs
Lol I don't know why but these words will sound funny if u say them while flirting with someone.
Say he looks delectable;)
Tell him he looks très risqué
Tell her she looks ravishing;)
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